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Okay, here goes a total OOC post.

I'm looking for a game that needs someone who cna be in a nice little fluffy romantic ship. I love the game[s] I'm in with my character[s], but none of the relationships are working out quite the way I'd wanted. 

So if anyone knows of anywhere that needs a fluffy love story, please let me know. I could seriously use some fluff.
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Oh happy day.

Happy make someone bald Chocolate and Smiles Day.

If you don't celebrate and why wouldn't you? I approve of making someone bald if you can then happy day before cheap chocolate day, or happy Wednesday.

May you all have a splendid day.
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If you got a letter saying that you had to do something in a certain amount of time and if you didn't something bad would happen to those around you, would you do it? Even if that meant going back to something you hated?

After careful research and study...

All right, that's a load of bollocks. I looked at both here and that other place, and I've decided it's far less insane here.

Right,'s your chance to prove me wrong, yes? I admit I'm just throwing the possibility out there, but still. It seems better here. Less likely to run into the oddest beings ever created. One or two exceptions, of course.

Oh yes, and can we hex here? I was wondering that, too.
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So what happens when you fall for someone, but you can't tell them you love them, because you know they can't say it back, and you're in a relationship with said someone, but it's not totally monogamas because he can't keep his hands off a certain Slytherin, and you can't stop going out and getting drunk, which leads to snogging random guys, one of whom is your "boyfriend's" brother!

I swear, since I've moved back to England, my life has become the most confusing thing.