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Welcome to potterscloset! This community was created to give a place for all roleplayers of the Harry Potter fandom a chance to come play, meet, and have fun with other HP RPers. Basically anything goes just as long as you stay within the few rules we do have here. You don't have to be apart of an established RPG to participate at PC but we do ask that you only post and comment in a character journal. We also do allow OOC discussions but please keep them to a minimum since this is a roleplaying community; contact the player if you wish to talk to them more.


Things are pretty laidback here but there are a few things that we ask you abide by so that we can spend less time being bitchtastic and more time having fun:

- NO OOC wank or even that IC wank where you think you're being sneaky by attacking another player through your charater(s). It won't be tolerated if we see it. If you want to be rude make sure that you do it somewhere else, kthnx.
- No trolls, godmodding, and all that non-sense. If we suspect your post and/or comment falls under this don't be surpised if it is deleted.
- If you have an issue with another player or players please contact a mod. We have no life and are always online so we will be more than happy to assist you.
- And that's about it! Please have fun because that's the only reason why we created this community: To have fun.


irrevokable | mortenavida | phight | scarlet_lioness

~small print: This RPG supports the roleplaying,discussion, and just about anything else that has to do with material that is NC-17 or higher. By reading it, you are doing so on your own free will and we are not at fault if you become traumatized or if your baby cousin/sister/brother/whatever sees the wrong thing. That said, just because it happens in Potter's Closet doesn't mean it happens in your personal game. We, the mods, also hold the right to ban you if you are taking things too seriously, you don't stay at least somewhat in character, or we just don't like you.~

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